Why You Should Join a Team!

Starting a new business is hard, so why go it alone? When you establish your Avon business, you can link up with an experienced team Leader and get the guidance and support you need to succeed. 

Here’s how it works.

Learn from the best. If you’re like the entrepreneurs who make up our beautiful Avon community, you’re ready to build a business, work on your own terms and earn extra by doing something you love. Becoming a Representative is a great way to make those dreams happen, but it can be a little daunting if you’re not sure how to start. That’s where your Avon team comes in.
Why You Should Join a Team!
Why You Should Join a Team!

When you join as a Representative, we can place you on a team and connect you with a knowledgeable Leader who will give you personalized support and guidance, and help you reach your goals even faster than you might on your own. With your Leader’s ongoing mentorship, you’ll quickly learn how easy it is to grow your own business. Top Leaders know how to run their businesses well, and they want to share their expertise with you!

Join a community. Linking up with a Leader means linking up with the rest of their team, too. You’ll join a community built by your Leader, and you’ll be welcomed into a group of people who can provide further support and help you ramp up your business. You can learn a lot from them, become an expert yourself, and pass on tips and tricks to new team members later on.

Grow your own team. You can also become a Leader yourself and start a team of your own. Once you’ve figured out how to get your Avon store off the ground, it’s rewarding to pay it forward and help others grow their businesses. You’ll be able to draw on your advancing skillset to recruit and mentor new Representatives to your downline. Plus, team-building allows you to add to your own income and increases your potential to score incredible rewards like special trips with Avon, cash bonuses and even an exclusive diamond necklace!*

Find a Leader. You’ve got what it takes to run your own business, and there are fantastic Leaders who want to help you achieve your goals. If you already know a specific Leader whose team you’d like to join, simply sign up using their unique ‘Become a Representative’ link at the top left of their online store. If you’d prefer that we place you with a team, click Become a Representative now and we’ll set you up with a top Leader who can show you the ropes. Let’s bring on the earnings together!

*See the Avon Diamond Club blog post for more details.

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