How to Build My Avon Business

Avon products have been around since 1886, and the company provides the opportunity to run your own business without stocking a lot of products or worrying about overhead. 

Some people have more success in their Avon businesses than others. The difference between those who experience Avon business success and those who make very little money may simply be hard work. To develop a thriving Avon business, you may have to work hard to distribute catalogues, keep your products fresh in your customers' minds and develop a downline of other representatives.

1. Give out plenty of Avon catalogues. Just about every conversation is an opportunity to give out a catalogue and get new customers. Give them out at networking events, parties and casual gatherings. Ask your hairdresser or manicurist whether you can leave some catalogues in her shop. Hand one to the receptionist at your doctor's and dentist's offices as well.

2. Obtain samples of new or popular items to give to others. Sometimes smelling a nice new fragrance or seeing a lipstick in person helps to stimulate potential customers to buy.

3. Use your imagination to think of creative ways to let others know about your Avon business. Fliers and business cards are popular ways to spread the word, but you may also use posters and magnetic car signs to get others to notice what you are offering.

How to Build My Avon Business
How to Build My Avon Business

4. Set up a table at flea markets, holiday sales and church bazaars. You can not only sell Avon products from your table but also collect names and contact information from your new customers. You can use this information to send catalogues and keep them abreast of upcoming sales.

5. Get involved with community events. If your community has fairs at which vendors can set up tables, attend and sell Avon products. Give out catalogues too. If there is an opportunity to give away an item along with other business people, give away a sample that is taped or stapled to an Avon catalogue with your contact information on it.

6. Recruit other people to be a part of your sales team. You will make money from your recruits' sales as well as your own.

7. Sell door to door.
The more people you offer the products to, the more sales you are likely to make.

8. Increase your sales to boost the amount of money you get to keep from each sale. If you sell enough to make it into Avon's Presidential Club, for example, you will get to keep a higher percentage of each sale.
How to Build My Avon Business
How to Build My Avon Business

9. Follow up with those you have given catalogues. They may not remember when the order deadline is, but your reminder call or visit may ensure that their orders are placed on time.

10. Upsell your products. If your customer has ordered earrings, show her a necklace that would complement it.

11. Let your customers know that Avon isn't just for women. Show them the many products made for men and children as well.

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