How to Run an Avon Business

Avon is well-known for being a good business opportunity for entrepreneurs. The Avon name has become a part of the culture in many areas, and the company has a reputation for producing high-quality items and cosmetics.

Avon sales representatives use the popularity and reputation of the Avon company as a way to gain instant access to a large market, notes the website Bloomberg Businessweek. Though Avon does support their sales representatives, running an Avon business does require drive and planning on the representative's part.

1. Take advantage of Avon's experience.
Avon wants its representatives to be successful, so it includes the DVD "Sell, Share and Show Your Way to Success" in its starter kit. Watch it and learn from it. The DVD provides step-by-step sales strategies that have proven successful.

2. Start with your friends and co-workers.
Host a party featuring the "Grand Opening" of your home-based business. Selling can be intimidating, so it's nice to start with friendly faces. Use this opportunity to hone your sales pitch, and ask your friends afterwards for suggestions on how you might improve your presentation at future Avon parties.
How to Run an Avon Business
How to Run an Avon Business
3. Order any products that the attendees of your "Grand Opening" wanted to buy as soon as possible, and deliver them quickly once they arrive. Include up-to-date catalogues with all of your deliveries so that your customers can browse through them and contact you if they wish to make additional orders.

4. Keep efficient records. Use a spreadsheet or database to keep track of your customers and the items that they buy. Take notes about your customers and include that information, as well; list items that they were interested in but didn't buy so that you can let them know if the items go on sale, and keep track of their favourite items.

5. Build a personal relationship with your customers. Learn their names and basic information about them so that you can address them personally at Avon parties or in public. Keep track of their birthdays and give them free samples as birthday gifts. This will help them to see you as more than just an Avon representative and make them more likely to purchase through you instead of others.

6. Develop your Avon business. Hang professionally designed flyers provided by Avon in public places so that interested individuals can contact you about Avon products. Create a website to advertise online, and have business cards printed so that you can hand them out as needed. Take sales strategy courses designed by Avon and other sources. Stay knowledgeable of new products, and keep your Avon items organized so that you can reference them quickly when customers call.

7. Host Avon parties on a regular basis, ordering new sample kits and up-to-date brochures beforehand if needed. Invite past customers, but advertise the party so that new customers can attend, as well. Work on making the parties enjoyable for new and old customers alike, and be friendly and sociable to any attendee that you haven't seen before.
How to Run an Avon Business
How to Run an Avon Business

8. Sign up individuals who are interested in becoming Avon representatives themselves or direct them to a local leadership representative if you are unable to do so. You can earn a commission on representatives that you help to join the company, so signing up others can help you to make more money.

9. Keep track of your sales and earnings. You will be responsible for taxes on the money that you earn, so set aside 15.3 percent (the self-employment tax rate set by the Internal Revenue Service, as of 2010) of your earnings and file these tax payments according to IRS regulations. 

You do not need to register an employer ID with the IRS; file the taxes under your own Social Security number.

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