Roadblocks to Your Avon Business Success (and Solutions)

Success with your Avon business is a choice – It doesn’t happen on accident and it’s rarely caused by luck.

The most successful Avon representatives make a recurring choice to learn their business, experiment with the tools available to them, master their sales craft, and exercise creativity and flexibility in overcoming any obstacles in their path to success.

Oftentimes, the things which we perceive to be the obstacles standing in our path to success can be easily overcome with a willingness to try something different or learn how to utilize a new resource! There’s almost always a way around any obstacle!

Sometimes, the things that we perceive to be roadblocks to our success turn out to be the pathways to even greater success! You’ll never know unless you keep moving forward!

Here are some of the most common “ROADBLOCKS” I have heard from other reps, along with a few solutions and tips to overcome each:

ROADBLOCK #1: I CAN’T AFFORD TO BUY BROCHURES TO PASS OUT: Good news!! Avon offers us a FREE digital version of the brochure to share with as many customers as we want! There’s a version of the digital brochure which is an exact page-by-page digital replica of the printed brochure AND a very cool interactive version with tutorial videos, a virtual makeover tool, foundation shade-matching tool, and MORE!

You can even create your own CUSTOMIZED version of the digital brochure to showcase the specific products you want to feature!! And it’s all FREE for you to use! All reps also have access to their online store link, shareable videos, and other social media assets which you can use to promote your business!

TIP: In addition to all of the FREE DIGITAL SALES TOOLS, Avon offers a wide variety of FREE TRAINING on how to use all of our Avon-provided sales tools, along with a variety of FREE social media sites! You can find all of the training and other helpful resources in the AVON U TRAINING section of!

ROADBLOCK #2: I CAN’T AFFORD TO PURCHASE PRODUCTS: Good news!! With Avon, you never have to stock an inventory of products, so this is not an issue. You can simply order exactly the products your customers would like. Collect payment from them when they give you their order, so you’ll always have the funds you need to cover the cost of their order.

As far as personally purchasing some items to try for yourself, start by making a list of products which Avon sells that you already spend money on at some other retailer… shampoo, dish soap, body wash, deodorant, laundry detergent, hand cream, hand sanitizer, lip balm, etc. Each campaign, purchase a couple of those items from yourself (at your discounted representative cost) instead of from some other store. Tell people about the things you love to turn your personal experience with the products into sales and earnings in your pockets!

ROADBLOCK #3: I DON’T DRIVE OR CAN’T GET AROUND TO DELIVER ORDERS: Good news! As an Avon representative, you have a FREE online store link, which you can share with customers across the United States. When they shop online, they can have their orders shipped directly to them from Avon. YOU get the earnings on those sales! It’s convenient and easy for your customers and allows you to sell and earn without even leaving your home!

TIP: You can set your online store to “Direct Delivery Only” using the “Personalization Tool” on the Web Office page of (under the Manage Business tab).

ROADBLOCK #4: I DON’T KNOW MANY PEOPLE: Good news! Your Avon business can actually be a wonderful way to meet people! In fact, most of my best customers are people I connected with BECAUSE of Avon (not people I knew before I started my Avon business). The more you promote your business (online, with brochures, through friend referrals, at events, etc.), the more people you will connect with and the bigger your business will grow!

TIP: Setting up a FREE Google business page can make it easier for people in your area to find you! A FREE Facebook business page is another great way to make yourself visible and showcase the products you have available.
Roadblocks to Your Business Success (and Solutions)
Roadblocks to Your Business Success (and Solutions)

ROADBLOCK #5: I LIVE IN A SMALL TOWN: Good news! You are not limited to selling within your small town. You can sell to anyone, anywhere in the United States. Your potential customer base is anyone in the United States. Think beyond your small town!

ROADBLOCK #6: THE PEOPLE I KNOW ALREADY HAVE AN AVON REP: Good news!! There are tons of people out there who do NOT already have an Avon rep! Some of those people already love Avon, but haven’t seen a rep in years. And there are so many other people are out there who are not yet aware of what Avon has to offer in 2020!! Make yourself and your business visible, so customers can find you! Promote online, distribute brochures, put a sign on your car and/or in your yard, wear an Avon t-shirt or hat while you’re out running errands, give Avon as gifts, etc.! The more visible you make yourself, the easier it will be to connect with new customers!

ROADBLOCK #7: THE PEOPLE I KNOW AREN’T INTERESTED IN AVON: In actuality, the people you know may think they’re not interested in Avon based on what they think they know about Avon from when their grandmother used it years ago. Avon in 2020 is a whole NEW AVON!

TIP: When people express doubts about their interest in Avon, encourage them to just take a look through the catalogue. They will most likely be surprised by the wide variety of beautiful, modern, premium-quality products they will find, including entirely new product categories which they may not even realize that Avon offers! There’s truly something for everyone in Avon’s product collection. Your job is to showcase what you have to offer! Introduce the world to the NEW AVON!

ROADBLOCK #8: I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH TIME: Guess what? It doesn’t actually take a ton of time to start moving in the direction of a successful business!

I like to say…

You don’t have to do EVERYTHING, but doing nothing gets you NOWHERE. Just do SOMETHING!

Consistently doing a little something each day can add up to big results! Start by carving out a few minutes a day to do a bit of self-paced training in the AVON U TRAINING section or make a few posts on social media or send an email out to prospective customers or send a message to follow-up with current customers! You can also find ways to blend your Avon business into your regular daily schedule. Got some errands to run? Keep brochures in your car to distribute as you’re out and about! Got some time to burn to wait for a child to finish a sports practice? Hop on your phone and make a post about your business on social media!

There have certainly been a lot of recent updates to our product collection. While some products have sadly found their way to the discontinued list, many beloved classics have remained and a tremendous assortment of new, improved products have been added.

TIP: Help your customers to discover the new and improved products that we have to offer. Offer a small discount the first time they try a new product and remind them of Avon’s product guarantee. Try saying something like…

“Unfortunately, that particular foundation has been discontinued, BUT we just introduced a new foundation formula which has been very popular so far! It comes in 30 different shades and has a lovely matte finish just like your previous foundation. If you’d like to give that one a try, we can use the shade-matching tool to find the best match for your skin. I’ll even give you a 10% discount on the foundation and if it doesn’t work for you, we can try a new shade/formula or I can give you a refund!”

ROADBLOCK #10: MY CUSTOMERS WON’T SPEND $350 ON A FACE CREAM: That’s ok! Most people won’t spend $350 on a face cream! Fortunately, Avon only has one $350 face cream in our entire product collection, whereas we offer a very long list of other face creams, at a range of prices from $5.49 to $39.99. In other words, our product collection includes items at every price point, whether a customer is looking for a bargain-priced skincare solution or an ultra-luxurious skincare experience! Promote what you have to offer and let the customer decide which items best meet their needs and their budgets!

ROADBLOCK #11: AVON CHANGED A TOOL, PRODUCT, OR PROCEDURE: There’s a reason why they say that the only thing certain in life is change! Avon could not have existed as a company for 134 years without change! As uncomfortable as change can sometimes be, it’s often a necessary part of the road to remaining competitive and relevant in a rapidly changing world. Yes, things change sometimes and yes, it can sometimes feel uncomfortable to adjust to changes, but change can also be the path to a brighter future. When change happens, take the time you need to become familiar with the change. Ask for help from the Avon community if you need it! Then figure out how to make the change work to your advantage, so you can keep moving towards your goals!

The ongoing pandemic has certainly impacted many things in our lives and changed the way we do many things, but it does NOT need to slow your business! Avon offers so many things which customers are looking for (home-cleaning products, hand sanitizers, face masks, face shields, gloves, professional-quality hair-colouring kits, hair root touch-up, and more) at great prices! And with the holidays on the way, more customers will be eager to skip the stores for their holiday shopping! Through your online store, you can offer your customers direct-delivery of the items they’re looking for, allowing them to shop from the safety and convenience of their home! 
Roadblocks to Your Business Success (and Solutions)
Roadblocks to Your Business Success (and Solutions)

For your local customers, you can also offer no-contact doorstep delivery and/or pick-up. No-contact payment options like PayPal or Venmo can be another useful solution! Instead of in-person holiday shopping parties or events, host an online party this year! (ONLINE BONUS – You can include more people online since distance doesn’t matter!) Your Avon business is your work-from-home solution to making extra money from the safety of home, while simultaneously helping customers to safely and conveniently access the items they need!

In summary, the path to success may be paved with occasional obstacles, but there’s almost always a way past! If you’ve made the choice to be successful with your business, don’t let small roadblocks stand in your way. 

When it feels like something is holding you back from success, take a step back from the situation to see it more clearly, than figure out your path around, over, or straight through that roadblock!

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